We are here to help answer all your questions and to be sure that you find your perfect tour.


We recommend selecting a trip that will challenge you and yet one that you can also be fairly confident of completing. Each highlight tour features at least one support vehicle however, so it is possible for riders to start and finish at points within each day’s full distance. When selecting a tour, it is important to note each day’s daily distances and notes on terrain, as these will help guide you.

Generally our tours will average anywhere from 60km for the ‘easier’ packages up to 100km a day for the more advanced. These tours are not races and therefore are non-competitive, but we recommend as a baseline that each rider should be competent in bike handling on the road and have had some exposure to multi-day riding. *

For those that are hoping to join either our Spring Road to Taiwan KOM tour, or our Summer Road to Taiwan KOM, please note that the cut-off time for the actual Road to Taiwan KOM event is 9 hours. The Taiwan KOM Challenge, held in October, has a cut-off time of 6.5 hours.

The MOUNTAIN KINGZ tour is a specialised tour taking in not only the KOM mountain but four other huge climbs too, with an added day taking the riders up 2000m plus over multiple peaks. This is that sets special demands on the riders, so please message us and we will be happy to discuss these with you.

We also offer fully customised one-off tours for groups small and large. Please contact us on our Book Now page to discuss this with us.

*Our co-founder Lee Rodgers is a former professional cyclist and experienced cycling coach, should you be in need of any training advice or specific plans, please head to our Contact page and let us know.


In between your pick up at the airport on Day 1 to being safely returned there for check-in on your way home, we’ve got everything covered. At the group meeting on the evening of the first day, we will give a presentation where we will talk briefly through the tour’s itinerary and answer any questions you might have, and from there on all meals and transportation are taken care of.

We are here to guide and inform, to support when needed, and generally to ensure that you have the best possible time on your Taiwan adventure. Our head guide Lee Rodgers has lived in Taiwan for 8 years, and manager Gary Shu from Taipei knows the roads of Taiwan better than anyone, being responsible for developing many of Taiwan’s well known races and gran fondos, including the Taiwan KOM Challenge in 2008.

We will whenever possible introduce you to some of the cultural aspects of this beautiful island, whether that might be visiting a night market, eating world famous dumplings, or visiting an Aboriginal village.

We are very flexible in all aspects of our tours, so if one evening you decide you would like to explore a town alone or with a companion, or eat at a particular restaurant, that is fine. If on a rest day you feel like riding some more, we will provide you with potential routes and explain the terrain you can expect.

First and foremost in our approach are the twin pillars of rider safety and customer satisfaction. This ultimately is your tour, your adventure.