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Tour Leader and co-founder Lee Rodgers (England) has lived in Taiwan for almost a decade. Since his retirement from racing on the UCI Asia Tour, Lee has become a successful cycling coach and is currently the official coaching provider for the Taiwan KOM Challenge, the Mongolia Bike Challenge and Everesting. He is also the Communications Director for the Taiwan KOM Challenge. With over two decades living in Asia under his belt, Lee’s passion for this part of the world remains as strong as ever. At heart though Lee is ‘just a cyclist’, as he puts it, still with a boy-like passion for the bike. His favourite ride in the world? The Taroko Gorge, home of the KOM, naturally!

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Tour Manager and co-founder Gary Shu has over 40 years of cycling expertise in Taiwan. As a result, Gary knows the roads of Taiwan, no matter how remote, like the back of his hand and is an expert at navigating the twisting mountain roads that feature in so many of our tours. Gary previously worked with the Taiwan Cyclist Federation and was the man who first dreamt up the glorious madness that is the Taiwan KOM Challenge. Without his hard work and vision, the KOM would not exist in the form that we know it. A true pioneer and a pillar in the Taiwanese cycling community, Gary has a real desire to show visitors the wonders of the known as Formosa, the Beautiful Isle.

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