October 26 / 27 / 28 / 29  (Saturday - Tuesday)


4 Day Tour / 60km + 110km + 112km + 100km = 382KM (More riding on Day 2 Optional / See Below)


You’ve just finished the 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge on Friday, October 25th, one of the hardest and most beautiful events in the world.

You’d like to spend a few more days cycling along Taiwan’s east coast but you’re not sure where to go? Well, this is the tour for you. We’ve built a recovery ride into this 4-day tour that means you can work out some of that lactic acid build up and still make it back to your KOM-race hotel in Hualien in one piece and with a smile on your face. Then we have three more days where we ride along the coast and into the lush jungle in the mountains.

The distances might not seem too long but there is quite a bit of climbing involved after Day 1, however this tour isn’t designed to break you.

Rather, it’s been created to highlight the stunning scenery and roads of the eastern coast, taking you past glistening ocean, alongside rice paddies and through the East Rift Valley, a national park almost untouched by the hand of man. We will experience the local Amis Aboriginal culture, try the local cuisine, ride around the largest lake in east Taiwan, and there’s even an option to join a gentle jungle hike, past cascading waterfalls where you can swim in pristine aqua blue waterholes and take a break from the heat. We will also visit a former Japanese lumber factory which is now a living museum, offering an interesting insight into Taiwan’s past.


SPECIAL OFFER for 1st ever KOM Tour participants: $1550 per person

(usually $1675 per person)



DAY 0  /  October 25th / Friday (Day before Post-KOM Tour begins)

Hotel Location: Hualien

Details: Riders are required to self-book this evening’s stay in the same hotel they intend to stay in for the Taiwan KOM Challenge, as moving hotel after the KOM is not advised - you will certainly be tired! We do recommend the Parkview Hotel as it is the official KOM hotel and rider registration / rider briefing is held here (food here is ‘cyclist-friendly’ also). Also nearby there is the Fulon Hotel and Kadda Hotel. If necessary we can also book this evening’s stay for you, please let us know when you book.

(Note Taiwan KOM Tours will book the night’s stay on the 26th as part of your tour package).

DAY 1  /  October 26th / Saturday

Hotel Location: Hualien

Distance: 60km

Elevation: 562m

Estimated Duration: 3 Hours with stops

Route: Hualien - Liyu Lake - Shoufeng - Hualien  

Grading: Easy

Meeting Point/Departure Time: lobby of Park View Hotel, Hualien / 9:00am / Depart Park View 10am

Day 1 of the tour, we will meet at the Park View Hotel for a briefing and look to depart at 10am. We will ride on country roads through Jian town to Liyu Lake, descend on Route #9 to Shoufeng then down the #39 to the #193 and back to Hualien. Weather permitting, we will stop briefly near Liyu Lake to spend some time in the Emerald Valley, aptly named for it’s emerald waters.

DAY 2  /  October 27th / Sunday

Hotel Location: Ruisui

Distance: 120km

Elevation: 1596m

Estimated Duration: Under 5 hours

Route: Hualien - Fengbin - Gangkou - Ruisui

Grading: Moderate / Challenging with one 6km climb and one 22km

Meeting Point / Departure Time: Hualien Park View lobby at 9:00am

Day 2, a beautiful 111km journey to picturesque Ruisui Town in southern Hualien County. Leaving Hualien along the coastal bicycle path, we will then head to Guangfu either by Route 11 or by Route 193 (weather dependent, both roads are beautiful rides). From Guangfu on the coast we ride to Gangkou then turn inland up the 22km climb on Route 64 to our destination, Ruisui.

For those feeling adventurous, there is an option to explore some of the hilly farm roads that are scattered along the mountains above Rusui with our guide adding another 20km to the ride.

DAY 3 / October 28th / Monday

Hotel Location: Ruisui

Distance: 112km

Elevation: 1400m

Estimated Duration: Around 5 hours depending on wind conditions

Route: Ruisui - Changbin - Yuli - Ruisui

Grading: Moderate with one longer climb (12km) and several other ‘bumps’.

Meeting Point / Departure Time: Rusui hotel lobby at 8am

Day 3 is another beautiful ride, as we ride this time down Route 64 to Changbin, then continue Day 2’s journey down the coast with magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean. We then turn up Route 30 for a 7km climb and head towards Yuli Town on Route 9.

Note that in the afternoon there is an optional and complimentary excursion to hike the spectacular Walami Trail. This trail is a gentle hike with numerous waterfalls and rope bridges along the way, it is well with a visit and considered to be one of the most picturesque trails in all of Taiwan. Total hike distance is 8km and can be covered in under 2 hours.

DAY 4  /  October 29th / Tuesday

Hotel Location: Hualien

Distance: 104km

Elevation: 800m

Estimated Duration: 5 hours with stop at Lintan Shan Museum

Route: Ruisui - Lintan Shan Lumber Museum - Hualien

Grading: Moderate

Meeting Point / Departure Time: Rusui hotel lobby at 6:45am

We leave Ruisui and head on Route 193 to Route 46 then up to Fenglin, and then head to the historic Lintan Shan Lumber Museum for refreshments and to look around this former Japanese lumber mill turned museum. Then back down to Route 193 and it’s a curvy, beautiful ride back to the hotel in Hualien.

Those needing to head back to Taipei can do so on this day (by train, please inform us of your travel plans). For those staying the night in Hualien, a trip to the Night Market is a complimentary option.

Above and below are some images from the routes we will ride on the KOM Tour.

Above and below are some images from the routes we will ride on the KOM Tour.